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IME Vietnam was founded by Mr. Do Hoa, former head of strategy and marketing for ASIA-PACIFIC zone of Shell, in 2009.

Hoa has a diversed working experience, from large corporate like Shell to local business like Trung Nguyen Coffee, from Western management culture like Shell to Asian ones like OKURA (japan), Sundance (Hong Kong) and local culture like Trung Nguyen and Nghia Nippers. He has also been in diversed types of business operations, from distribution business like Sundance, trading business like OKURA, to full value chain participation like Shell.

In 2012, Hoa was invited by Harvard Business Review to join it's Advisory Council (Harvard Business Review's Advisory Council)

Working Experience:

  • Member of Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business Review's Advisory Council) (2012)
  • Shell PLC (98-07).
    Head of Strategy and Marketing for ASIA-PACIFIC of Shell Bitumen Business.
  • OKURA Co. – Japan (97-98).
    General Manager, Viet Nam operations.
    General imports, exports, distribution of a wide range of products
  • Sundance Co. – Hong Kong (94-97).
    General Manager, Viet Nam operations
    Distribution of consumer goods, production materials, travel services, F&B business, Duty-Free shops, general imports and exports.


  • Nghia Nippers Co. (2008-2009) - CEO
  • Trung Nguyen Coffee (2007-2008) - Managing Director
  • PACE Institute of Leadership Development (2008-2009) - Lecturer

Career Highlights:

  • During his 9 years at Shell under the role of ASIA-PAC Marketing Manager, Hoa succeeded in managing a regional team to deliver outstanding achievements at the regional level. Shell Bitumen held the market leader position through out his terms in ASIA-PACIFIC.
  • Hoa is the only Vietnamese to join the Shell Expats team in Bitumen business worldwide. He was assigned to Jakarta in 2 years as Business Development Manager, a double-hatted position, while maintaining the ASIA-PAC Marketing Manager.
  • Hoa is the first and only non-Japanese General Manager of OKURA, a world-wide operated trading firm of Japan.
  • Hoa was invited to join Nghia Nippers as CEO where he brought up the company's net income after tax rate from 13% to 21% within a year. And this was achieved during the period of world economic crisis (1998).
  • In 2014, Hoa was personally invited by Harvard Business Review to join it's Advisory Council as a member.
Business fields:
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial products
  • Construction
  • Personal care
  • General trading
  • Travel services and hospitality
  • Food and berverages
  • Port operation and shipping
  • Mobile: +84 913 801 911
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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