Marketing Consulting

We help clients to manage efficiently their marketing function. This means not just having clear objectives, sound strategies, workable plans, but also means to recruite the right people for the right job, and to build a highly-competent marketing team.

We provide marketing consulting, brand consulting and sales consuting services.

Marketing consulting
We work with clients to identify their desired market position and objectives that they want to achieve, then we support them to build marketing strategy, marketing plan, communication strategy, pricing strategy, channel stratety, product strategy with objectives and implementation plan to deliver agreed targets. We also help enhancing their marketing competency and managing performance of the marketing team.

Brand consulting
We support clients developing brand strategy and plans to build, manage a their brands, reenforcing the brand positioning, monetizing the brand for profit...

Sales Consulting
We support clients to setup, recruite, train, and manage the sales team's performance with sales strategy, sales plan...

Why IME Vietnam?

Professionals of IME Vietnam have undergone more than 20 years of experience in planning and implementing successful marketing activities of the world's leading brands. Solutions provided by IME Vietnam are drawn on the knowledge and experience of international successes.

 IME Vietnam

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